My First Bike

When I was around 12 year old, few of my friends had their own bikes obviously which were gifted by their parents and even sometimes I also used to get access to my sister's scooty. I could have easliy asked my parent for a bike but I never wanted to force them to buy any kind of expensive stuff for me, as I had a thinking of earning and then owning things from the childhood itself, thanks to god for making this builtin feature 😛 inside me. During those times, one day I made a promise to my self that the moment I will be officially eligible to get a vehicle registered in my name I will surely buy a bike for myself too with my own money without giving a single thought how it will ever happen.

When I turned 17, I was still unsure how would be I able to keep my promise but I didn't wanted to disappoint myself anyhow, I kept exploring different things out there, working on random projects and started saving money from here and there. I knew I will have to collect full amount for purchasing a bike as I won't get a loan or emi option in my name so it was a tough situation for me.

6 months before turning 18 I started visiting bike showrooms of different brands and getting price quotes of various bikes so that I could plan savings accroding to it. Intially I thought 60000 would be enough but when I explored various latest bikes, I had to double my budget to 120000. At that time around June 2016 I had savings of approx 60000 and I still needed atleast 70000 more within next 3 months, I was very nervous as I didn't wanted to fail so I started making alot of cold calls to prospects in search more freelance projects. With god's grace slowly I started getting alot of work and day by day I was reaching very near to my savings goal, in August itself I was +10000 than my target amount.

After doing alot of research and understanding my requirements I decided to go with Avenger Cruise 220 which was costing me around 108000. Finally on my birthday i.e. 20 September 2016 I bought it that too in full cash, I can't even express in words how happy I was that day. When I reached showroom that day I informed my parents that I am buying this they were like "1 lakh ki bike kon leta hai, 60-70000 ki scooty lena tha, manmaani karte ho, paise barbaad kar rahe ho" but I knew deep inside they were very happy that day.

Till now I have rode this bike for more than 50000+ KMs, even took many 500 KMs rides in a single run but this bike never disappointed me so far.

Kahte hai na cheeze kharidna asaan hota hai lekin unhe maintain rakhna bahut mushkil, I took this very seriously and believe me I got it serviced properly every single month no matter whether I had enough money for it or not but somehow I managed.

So you might be thinking why I am posting all this now It's because now the moment has come when I had to say good bye to her. I am selling this as most of the time it's just parked because I use it very rarelly now. She was a great companion 😍

One life lession which I learnt from this is that just keep fufiling the promises you make to yourself your life will be lit 🔥

Thank you so much for reading this till the end! Have a good day 👍